BP-110 Deckerd (BP-110 デッカード BP-110 Dekkādo?) is one of the protagonists of the Brave Police J-Decker television series. He is a Brave Detective (勇者刑事 Yūsha Keiji?) who works for the Brave Police.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Deckerd was the first robot to possess Super AI (超AI Chō Ei Ai?) and he stands at 5.12 meters in robot mode.[1]

Deckerd transforms into a police car with a length of 4.49 meters. In vehicle mode he can reach up to speeds of 87 kilometers per hour.



Deckerd was built by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department as the first member of the Brave Police.


Yūta Tomonaga


See Also

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  1. 勇者刑事 デッカード MECHANIC

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