Masterpiece (マスターピース Masutāpīsu?) is a collector-oriented toyline from TakaraTomy which provides more detailed representations of robots from the Brave Series with complex transformations. It is a spin-off of their Masterpiece line for Transformers.


# Model Series Yen Price Release Date Notes
MPB-01 King Exkizer


Brave Fighter Exkizer 9000 2005 Includes Exkizer and King Loader which combine to form King Exkizer.
MPB-02 Dragon Kizer


Brave Fighter Exkizer 9000 2006 Includes Dragon which can transform into its alternate mode, Dragon Jet. Dragon can then combine with the Exkizer figure from MPB-01 to form Dragon Kizer. The parts can also combine with King Exkizer to form Great Exkizer.


  1. CollectionDX
  2. CollectionDX

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