The Brave Fighter of Legend Da-Garn (伝説の勇者ダ・ガーン?) officially translated as The Brave of Legend Da-Garn), sometimes simply called Da Garn, is a Japanese animated television series that first aired in 1992. Created by Sunrise under the direction of Katsuyoshi Yatabe, it is the third of the long running Brave Series, and is one of only two shows in the series that told a single running story with all its episodes.


Sixth grader Seiji Takasugi obtains a jewel called "Aurin" from a temple along with a "Brave Stone" when a mysterious alien robot attacks his town. When used in conjunction with each other, the Aurin awakens the Brave Warrior Da Garn who was sleeping within the stone and he does battle with the robot, destroying it. Seiji has been chosen by the Earth itself as the commander of the Brave Warriors, eight robots who serve as defenders of the Earth.

The Brave Warriors are sleeping in many parts of the world as "Brave Stones, which become super robots by fusing with modern machines once Seiji awakens them. Seiji must locate and awaken all of them while fighting off alien invaders and keeping everything a secret from his family and friends.

They fight against Lord OhBoss and his minions, invaders who aim to steal the planet's energy and use it for evil means.


Episode # Japanese Title English Title
1 地球からのメッセージ A Message From the Earth
2 隊長になった少年 The Boy Who Became Commander
3 勇者の石を探せ Fine the Brave Stones
4 南極の嵐 Antarctic Storm
5 恐竜墓場 Dinosaur Graveyard
6 8人目の勇者 The Eighth Brave Fighter!
7 出撃レッドロン Redlone in Action
8 南海の大決戦 Big Battle in the South Seas
9 レッドロンからの贈り物 A Gift From Redlone
10 必殺!合体破り The Great Combo Breaker
11 宇宙植物の襲撃 Attack of the Space Plant
12 街角のスパイ The Spies on the Corner
13 森の中の螢
14 ドキドキピンクとデート!
15 サーカスの秘密
16 怪しいのはどっちだ?!
17 セイバーズ死す?!
18 よみがえれ!勇者
19 ペガサスセイバー登場
20 ブッチョ最後の挑戦
21 闇にひそむ猫
22 落とし物はダイレクター
23 踊るスパイ人形
24 引き裂かれる大陸
25 キリマンジャロの勇者
26 封鎖された街
27 隊長を調査せよ
28 友だちは魔女?!
29 復活!ダ・ガーン
30 謎の少年
31 もう一人の隊長
32 逆襲のレッドロン
33 狙われた遺跡
34 隊長の資格
35 地球(ほし)の歌を聞け
36 秘められた伝説
37 俺たちの惑星(ほし)
38 対決!レッドガイスト
39 奪われたビッグランダー
40 密林の再会
41 大接近!オーボス星
42 出現!伝説の力
43 隊長、命令を!
44 オーボス星の決戦
45 地球絶体絶命
46 風の未来へ